Please contact for pricing as the finished print can be made on canvas, metal, fine art paper or watercolor paper and is dependant on the final image size which ranges from 8X10" to 16X20".


The process of creating a portrait of your pet starts with a photo which you either send or email to me. Preferably the photos are taken with a digital camera and not a cell phone as the better quality photos gives me the ability to see more of the detail in the hair and eyes of your pet. Also, please don't use a flash, as natural light will give a much more pleasing and natural affect to your photo and then to the final portrait. If you've lost a loving pet and want a portrait send me what you have and I'll determine if I can work from that photo. I've done this for several in the past who have lost their pets but wanted something more to remember them by than just a snapshot. Don't be afraid to send me more than one as choices never hurt. So get started and lets create a memory for you.