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My art with animals started on a 5,000 acre horse ranch in Georgia along with my mother who was quite the artist!  As a result lessons began at a very young age and for the past 3 years I have studied extensively with renowned artist Frances Poole who resides in California.

My husband and I love our pets and they are certainly part of the family and I know my portraits make it a perfect gift for those that feel the same and want to keep their memories alive. So take some great photos of your pets or your friends' pets and email them to me. It's just that simple. I work from your original photos and depending upon the pets fur and anatomy, the portrait will be done in either pastel or oil.  Great reference photos  tend to make final portraits even better. If you have one great photo that's wonderful but don't be afraid to send more than one and we can discuss which will work best for the portrait.

Our pets are our family and friends and having done a number of wonderful commissions throughout the United States as well as Europe it gives me probably as much pleasure as those who receive my work. I love animals and I love what I do and all that I earn from my work goes to charity. Most recently I donated a significant amount of money to Whitney Elementary school in Las Vegas which helps under privileged children. This is such a good cause which I discovered on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Animal shelters are definitely on my list so know that these portraits go towards helping others.

Hopefully I can create a portrait that your family can enjoy forever.

Linda Rose Hogg


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